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Emilio makes a shitload of money from the Marquezes. They’re also incredibly professional and focused and, I would imagine, quite easy to guide as a result. People need to get over the whole “the Marquezes get special treatment” bullshit. Of course they do. Marc is 100% racing genius, potentially the greatest rider of all time. Teams and sponsors are hardly going to ignore him, are they? Alex also has huge potential. When other riders become champions, they’ll be treated like champions. Simple as that.

It is understandable. They do have huge marketing potential, and if it’s always been said Alex is even better you can’t blame Emilio for having his coat on their peg.

I do have to say though it’s one of the reasons I’m uncomfortable with riders personal management also being team bosses. In many ways it’s not right that Rins’ manager has a rider in the same class who he rates higher.

The conflict of interest angle has always bothered me when it comes to young riders. I know we can’t have 90+ managers so I’m not sure how to solve it, but it does bother me.

In the case of Rins, Honda also had a big influence on how things worked out for him. Rins became surplus to requirements. He was always being booted out of the team at the end of this season to make way for Fabio Quartararo. They’ve also committed their future support to Miller and Bastianini in the higher classes, so Rins was always going to be out the door.

It’s always going to happen to someone. Monlau produces more riders than Honda need. Someone good is always going to have to find somewhere else to go.

It’ll be interesting to see what his Yamaha future is. I think it’s clear they don’t Aleix as part of their long-term plans or he wouldn’t be Suzuki ound so I think Rins and Pol seem to be their plan.

Rins is definitely going to Tech 3 when the time comes, I’d put money on it. Then up to full Factory rider.

I seen a Tech 3 member congratulating him at a race the disappear so they are clearly after him.

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I do love how British Danny Kent has suddenly become….

"Britain’s Danny Kent…"

"The young Brit…"

"The Brit Danny Kent…"

"Danny Kent, the young British talent…"

He used to just be “Danny Kent”.

They should be saying “Danny Kent utter shit” or “the massive British ego pick”

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